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roots, blues, americana


     Over many decades, I have led, played, sung, written and produced music for worshiping congregations in a wide variety of contexts. From local churches I served as a United Methodist pastor, in camps, street corners and cathedrals, my music has received a warm welcome wherever I have played. 


      Sunday Morning   I am frequently invited to bring my music ministry to congregations on Sunday mornings in lieu of the pastor's sermon. This could happen when the pastor is out of town or is eager to offer the congregation a unique experience.  The songs are still drawn from my repertoire of "roots, blues, americana" and frequently involve the congregation in singing with me. In most

situations, the pastor composes the service in a very abbreviated form so as to allow approximately 40 minutes for my music ministry. The pastor also arranges for church leaders to conduct the service.  A second, "love" offering is collected near the end of my concert for me and is delivered at the end of the service. 

      Evening Programs   I am also invited to perform as part of an evening series such as Lent, a concert series, or special occasion.  Pricing is available on the "What a Deal"  page of this website, and pastors' feedback can be found on the "Reviews" page.

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