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roots, blues, americana

Not every venue has a proper budget to hire live musicians for their programs.  Non-profits particularly struggle with this.  In my opinion, however, these organizations deserve a break as much or more than any. If this is your situation, please consult the information below to see what bracket you belong in.  For-profit organizations, fees are negotiated on an individual basis.  Questions? Just email!

For-profit organization fees are negotiated individually.  Non-profit organization (e.g. churches, schools, historical societies) are charged as follows:


  • 0 - 50 participants  = $50 + collection / "pass the hat"

  • 50 - 100 participants  = $100 + collection / "pass the hat"

  • 100 - 150 participants  = $150 + collection / "pass the hat"

  • over 150 participants = $250 + collection / "pass the hat"

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People used to call it music before it was written down or recorded. Folks played and sang together on the  porch, in the parlor, or the barn.  When music got recorded and written, it was soon commercialized.  Many artists wanted to create something beautiful or exciting, but found the commercialization of their music discouraged their love for the music itself.
Hayden Carruth Music takes us to a time and place where people connect with themselves, with others, and with love and joy.  In a disconnected world, recognizing what brings us together is
so important.
Music makes it possible.
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